Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Togekiss is possibly such a great pokemon. it's beautiful, flies all around. hell it can learn some amazingly poweful moves, too. Recently I've been raising one in Pokemon Black and this thing can fight!

I bred from a Togetic which I traded for through GTS. I ended up breeding until I got a max stat IV in HP for Togepi. This means once we've reached a point of maximum stats my Togekiss will have started with the highest amount of HP possible in any pokemon! It's a great little trick... passed it down through breeding with Power Weight hold item.

Anyways enjoy the artwork! I have been waiting to get a shiny. One day I may breed 1000+ Togepi's through the Masuda method until cracking open my 1st! Psyched since Togekiss looks amazing as a shiny 'mon.

Togekiss Flying through the skies
Togekiss Plushie Doll
Mama Togekiss and baby Togepi - deviantsource
Togekiss xPokemon Card
Hand-drawn artwork from deviant source
Dawn Togekiss and Piplup anime!

Amazing Pokemon Artwork for Togekiss

So as many will assume, it's great to be starting in a brand new town! Here Nuvema offers the classic quaint feel brought about from Pallet Town in Gen I. We can see mom doesn't care too much as our friends are mucking around the room, causing chaos.

The initial opening scenes included by Nintendo and Game Freak showcase the classic artistic styling. We have some plain text similar to the 1995 release. Also some great animations and an almost ominous title sequence. The initial menu includes so many new options. What ever happened to just New Game/Options?

I will say the opening scene with picking a pokemon from the box? I mean... I suppose it is unique. But why wouldn't Professor Juniper want to be around when you first open the gift? Luckily she does hand us our first Pokedex which we can start collecting the team...

Also another angle on Nuvema Town! I would highly recommend researching into the Nuvema Town Bulba wiki if you're interested in the town. I love the place, it is our hometown after all.

I've included a great video from Pokemon HD which records some amazing playthroughs. So far the game has shown terrific value and I really have liked the other two rivals. Check out the first part below!

Starting Pokemon Journey in Nuvema Town

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As of lately I've been running into some very random Pokemon titles. Chaos Black seems to be the latest installment having taken me by surprise. Naturally this game is either hacked or created from external software developers, but the whole thing just screams fake.

Granted this shouldn't come as a surprise. Game Freak has never really tried to surpress this type of indignation and further we see this style of content growing out of control. Although to be clear I would have no problem playing such a game just for the fun of it.

We can see a great intro section. The game was truly created with Pokemon in mind and offers some fantastic ideas. I've added a quick screencap from an assumed ROM load for Gameboy Advance. Check it out below...
Truly interested in the game? I recommend Google. More specifically, you can easily find this ROM through a keyword search online. Granted you may have to sift through some stuff, but you'll find it.

If there's time I'll be happy to test the grounds. I've been super busy caught up in Pokemon Black recently, so chaos black just seems like a strange occurrence to run into. Nevertheless we're here in Nuvema Town so we might as well make the best of it!

Meanwhile enjoy some of these great titles! This clip was found somewhere on the interwebz and shows a great collection of both legit and faked Pokemon games. These cartridges all work inside a classic GBA although I've never tried inside a DS/DS Lite. I wish I had some time to try ShinyGold but perhaps in a later post.

Pokemon Chaos Black: The Ripped Version

When switching over into Unova we notice a great chance in the pokedex. this includes not only design improvements, but also the dual screen displays. below we've got a sample image including what you may find inside of the Unova reigon...

Notice we have both a guy and a girl's model. I'm not sure why prof juniper really makes this so.. but boy is she serious! She's all "HEY YOU! TAKE THESE POKEDEX AND GO CATCH EM ALL". Well with this nifty little piece of technology, boy howdy do I!

Also once you've passed through the Elite 4 you are able to unlock new pieces to your dex. Namely you'll be able to record poke's from all previous 4 versions of the game.

Well aside from dual screens and a huge capacity for database improvements, not much else has changed. But come on this stuff is from the FUTURE it's amazing! Another photo added below for your viewing pleasure

The Unova Pokedex - Futuristic Pokemon Technology from Black & White